Potential Business Development Incentives Available to River Bend Center Tenants


Connecticut Tax Credits and Incentives

The State of Connecticut offers a variety of exciting incentives for businesses looking to relocate or increase their presence in the state.
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Stamford, Connecticut Incentives

In addition to working directly with the State of Connecticut to assist local businesses, the City of Stamford offers their own unique incentives
to help new and expanding business in Stamford. Click here for more information.


Waterbury-Oxford Airport Economic Development Zone

In September 2013, the State of Connecticut and the Connecticut Airport Authority announced the creation of the Waterbury-Oxford Airport
Economic Development Zone, providing business incentives in the form of a five-year, 80 percent abatement of local property taxes on real
and personal property (subject to certain conditions), and a ten-year, 25-50 percent credit on a portion of the state's corporation business tax.
River Bend's build-to-suit development Technology Park is located in the heart of this economic incentive zone.
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Middlebury, Connecticut Incentives

In addition to the State's incentives, the Town of Middlebury offers incentive opportunities for both new and established businesses looking to
increase their presence in Middlebury. Click here for more information.


Commuter Tax Incentives - Qualified Transportation Accounts

Employers may set up a Qualified Transportation Account program for their employees. Up to $255/month of qualified commuting expenses can be paid from pre-tax income. The Springdale Metro-North stop is adjacent to River Bend's campus, and CT Transit buses make regularly scheduled stops on campus. Employees riding Metro North or a CT Transit bus to work are eligible for these commuter tax incentives.